An organization of compassionate fashionistas seeking to ban the sale of fur in LA and beyond!


Our INTERMIX campaign began in October of 2011. INTERMIX sells an array of animals that have been beaten and butchered for their skins. From rabbit fur scarves, fox fur vests, to coyote fur trimmed parkas — animal cruelty is an integral part of INTERMIX’s inventory. We intend change that.

Since our campaign launched, our petition has received over 67,000 signatures. We’ve organized a number of protests at INTERMIX locations nationwide. INTERMIX has had numerous opportunities to stop selling fur and put compassion in fashion. Instead, they chose to ignore our pleas of compassion. At the start of the 2012 fall/winter season, INTERMIX buyers decided to slap us in the face with a replenished stock of animal skins and a fur exclusives to their store. INTERMIX’s ignorance (although disappointing) will not silence our campaign.

There are a number of ways YOU can help our fur free campaign. Any shopping at INTERMIX supports the gruesome fur industry, so we encourage everyone to cease shopping at INTERMIX until they go fur free.


• Follow the Intermix: Please Stop Selling Fur campaign on facebook and @IntermixKills on twitter

• Sign the petition:

• Join the INTERMIX: Fur Free Photo Campaign!

As our petition numbers continue to grow, we launched the “I Will Not Shop at INTERMIX Until They Go Fur-Free” photo campaign as a way to put faces to the names that support our campaign. The more potential shoppers INTERMIX sees they are losing, the better chance we have of stopping them from killing fur-bearing animals before next season. Use your face to save lives!

Here’s how:

1— Download and print the sign here (or handwrite your own!)
2— Take a photo of yourself holding it.
3— Post the photo on facebook, twitter, instagram, and/or tumblr; make sure to tag @INTERMIX so they notice you!
4— Email a copy of the photo to and we’ll add it to our collection!